Adam’s binos, the rest of the story

We are so glad to have been able to help out a good friend. Adam’s binoculars were successfully returned to him to continue their adventure for a further 20 years and more… once again the after sales service of the Swarovski team were put to the test and passed with flying colours.

Adam’s story continues .. I managed to get my binoculars back to the UK after asking a guest at Angama Mara to take them back with them to Surrey after a successful safari. Once in the UK the binoculars were sent to Austria to be completely revamped. Now into their 17 th  year they needed a new lease of life. The service was incredible and I received weekly emails on how things were going. Bar the insides they were replacing everything and promised me they would be as good as new.

I threw a spanner in the works when I told them that I was about to embark on an adventure into the snow of Sweden and needed my binoculars urgently, and they needed to be sent ahead to an address in Stockholm. Needless to say, two weeks later they arrived at a tiny coffee shop on a back street in Stockholm, exactly a day before I headed into the frozen and bitter cold forests. It was amazing to open the box and see my old faithful Swarovski’s looking spotless.

For me these binoculars represent far more than just binoculars. They have become a talisman of my lifestyle and the decisions I have made in life to travel, explore, guide and get involved in conservation. Every single adventure I have been involved in since the age of 18 I have had these binoculars with me. They are a crucial part of how I define myself.

After searching for wolves in Sweden (- 10 degrees Celsius) I returned to the Maasai Mara (+35 degrees Celsius) to continue my work in assisting to uplift the image and reputation of the Maasai Mara. Every day I go out into the grasslands in search of lions, elephants, cheetah, rhino and leopard. My camera sits on the seat beside me and my Swarovskis slung around my neck. It means the world to me to have my binoculars back at their best.

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