A Treasure Hunt to Remember

Working with our travel partners, Antilophia Travel, in December 2019 I guided a fantastic family of 6 to Mexico City and the Yucatan Peninsula. My first four days were spent reconnoitring the entire trip which proved to be absolutely invaluable when picking up potential problems as well as defining areas where value could be [...]

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Peruvian Amazon Adventure

The Peruvian Amazon is an area of mind blowing proportions and diversities.  The sheer volume of just about everything is quite incredible; 2,700 square miles, 80 different biospheres, 1,100 tributaries.  It is impossible to even scratch the surface and explore more than but a few thousand square miles of this immense wilderness. On my [...]

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Patagonia, Chile January 2018

I have returned home with a feeling of triumphant euphoria having found a big cat I have tried so many times to see before, the puma. My previous unsuccessful attempts were in the Rockies of Colorado and on two earlier trips to Torres del Paine. Puma are often referred to as American Cheetah, they [...]

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Worldwide Adventures – Kids Always Welcome

Children are welcome! I am a father of two very energetic children who at the tender ages of 5 and 8 have already travelled and lived all over the world.  Adventure is the name of the game when travelling with small people.  Before we leave home shores I will have built up a relationship with [...]

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Borneo – Private Safari in the Rainforest

My two separate visits to Borneo in 2017 were highly productive. The rain forest presented its own unique characteristics, and unlike other rain forests around the world that I have visited, the Borneo rain forests comprise of only one family, 90% dipterocarps (two winged seed). The soil of the Borneo rain forests is surprisingly nutrient [...]

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