Worldwide Adventures – Kids Always Welcome

Children are welcome! I am a father of two very energetic children who at the tender ages of 5 and 8 have already travelled and lived all over the world.  Adventure is the name of the game when travelling with small people.  Before we leave home shores I will have built up a relationship with your most precious possessions with Q&A conversations over skype, have them enthralled with my Instagram postings, looking out for their own personal message and of course able to boast of my adventures hunting crocodile whilst fighting off cobra and baking bread for breakfast in a hole in the ground!

Children aren’t just interested in visiting Africa and seeing game and for those that have been lucky enough to do that already, any child would love the experience of Machu Picchu where they can walk and spend time with ancient cultures and aboriginal people making them more worldly and giving them a sense of humility.

Imagine, swimming in waterfalls or canoeing down the Amazon with local tribesmen who have only become known to civilised world in the past few decades, learning skills such as fishing for piranha or how to use a blowpipe…the adventures they could tell when they return to school where their friends thought tracking lion was exciting to hear about!

Wherever we are in the world,  I can give you time away from them as you enjoy a sundowner overlooking the bush, or a dip in volcanic waters,  we’ll weave grass bangles, or track a lizard….

Travelling with PGWW you won’t just find a ‘kids rucksack or logo baseball cap’ what you will find is interest and excitement of what is to come.

These are questions my kids have asked me, what will yours ask?

  • ‘Does a shark bite really kill you?’
  • ‘Are we really going to meet a warrior with a spear and walk with him in the bush?’
  • ‘What should we do if we get too close to an elephant?’
  • ‘Why is the komodo dragon trying to lick me from so far away?’
  • ‘Is this volcano we are hiking today going to erupt soon?’
  • ‘This glacier is making a very funny noise, what is happening?’

Kids see things from a different perspective, and it’s fun.

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