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Garth Hovell

Garth has 30 years of guiding experience over 5 continents.

Garth Hovell is an international travel specialist and private guide who escorts high net worth individuals and their families on adventure holidays focusing on wildlife and ancient cultures ensuring a safe, inspirational journey of a lifetime.

Garth Hovell was born in 1975 in the Eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. Garth was raised in Botswana where his passion for adventure, travel, wildlife and ancient cultures was allowed to flourish. Since beginning his guiding career, Garth has acquired many of sub Saharan Africa’s toughest guiding qualifications.

In his quest to learn and grow within the luxury travel market Garth has travelled to some of the most remote areas in the world and run some of the most challenging of luxury operations. From private islands off the Panamanian coast to trend setting safari lodges in Africa, India and Northern Russia. In his capacity as a private guide Garth has lead exclusive adventures for members of various royal families, A listers and other high net worth individuals to unique destinations from Australia to Zambia and most places in between and so is accustomed to the high standards needed to achieve a safe, flawless and memorable experience. Garth is now settled in the UK with his young family running Private Guide Worldwide.

With 30 years’ experience as a travel specialist and private guide Garth is the ideal companion for any individual, family or single interest group wanting to gain the maximum out of their journey to more challenging destinations.

Garth works with illustrious travel companies such as Abercrombie & Kent, Fischer Travel and Cookson Adventures and Africa Parks, specifically looking after their very top safari clientele.

He has been featured in a number of articles and television programmes. A sample of which can be viewed by following the links below:


“My passion has always been people, adventure, wildlife and cultures.”

Why book a safari with Garth?

Garth is an exceptional guide, Voted in the top 10 guides in Africa and has a wealth of experience in the Americas, Africa and Asia! His knowledge is vast, his stories are entertaining and he is a fantastic host. The preparation, execution and effort put into your trip will never be less than 100%


My partners and I with our incredible knowledge, can formulate a perfect itinerary which can be put together for any guest or agent, if there is ever need for my help in formulating the perfect itinerary in order to secure a booking for an agent, I would be more than happy to help.


Safety is always a concern especially when travelling to remote areas in developing countries and in particular when travelling with children. I am a qualified advanced first aider, DBS certified and very experienced in dealing with both dangerous animals and people. If ever a guest is wary of a proposed destination due to safety concerns the addition of a travel specialist/private guide may be the answer.


While there may be many young people who find this form of travel work appealing and may pertain to knowing a lot about it there are in fact very few who have lived in as many remote, developing countries and who have the skills and experience needed to turn a good holiday into an incredible life experience.


With a young, energetic family of my own I am very used to the stresses and strains of travelling with children and as such have come up with a multitude of ways to keep young ones occupied and safe. This affords parents the opportunity to relax and enjoy their holiday that much more.


For guests wanting to squeeze the most value out of a trip, the same information from multiple guides in different locations is often limiting and frustrating. A single guide of my calibre, for the duration of the trip allows for a continuous flow of in depth information which is often noticed and appreciated by the more discerning and intellectual traveller. (Ranked top 10 guides in Africa by The Telegraph)


These are qualities that allow you the agent or guest peace of mind that you and your guests are well looked after even when they are many time zones away. Should problems arise they can be dealt with immediately rather than having to wait for offices to open on the other side of the world or for local ground handlers to arrive.


I am an accomplished photographer and travel with my own equipment. As part of the services I provide, guests will be given my complete collection of photos taken throughout the duration of their trip.


Discerning travellers do not like to fill out post trip reports and ground handlers are unlikely to give an accurate account of faults that may have occurred during the trip. I will provide this within one week of returning. These reports will also include the positive experiences and ideas that may be of use for future itineraries.


Guests and agents who use Private Guide Worldwide and our partners are likely to use us again. I will always advise guests to use me in conjunction with the agent who first brought us together and I am happy to sign contracts guaranteeing this. Should the agent think that other destinations may be of interest to a particular guest I am happy to explore the potential for future trips.


“I am committed to ensuring that my guests have the best possible adventure and leave feeling enriched and educated, relaxed and enthralled… Every single time they travel with me!”