Into Central African Republic

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip the Republic of Congo and the Central Africa Republic. Just to be clear, those are different from the Democratic Republic, the one no one wants to go near. After an easy flight from Paris I arrived in Brazzaville early evening and was immediately struck by how little traffic there [...]

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Journey to the top of Africa

The experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (19,340ft) is really a story of two halves. One half is the 20 hour summit day from Barafu Camp (15,239ft) to the summit and back down to Mweka Camp at 10,000ft. The other half is everything else involved in the entire experience from planning and preparation, your training [...]

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Ethiopia – Private Safari

Ethiopia is an incredible destination fast becoming one of the worlds must see destinations, sitting high on most people’s bucket list. The Stone Churches of Lalibela, Simian Highlands, Danakil Depression and the ancient tribes of the Omo region all make for a luxury safari steeped in wildlife, history and culture quite unique from any [...]

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Privately Guided African Safari

Come with us on an epic adventure with your own custom made African itinerary.  At Private Guide Worldwide PGW, our favourite way to do this for guests whose lives do not afford them the ability of time away from their busy schedules or who are unlikely to travel back to Africa for many years, is to experience a [...]

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