Wanderlust Safari Guide of the Year 2018

Thank you all for your votes!  It is very exciting to have been awarded the Safari Guide of the Year 2018 Award following the ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society. Jointly hosted by Wanderlust publisher, Lyn Hughes and renown journalist Bill Bryson the evening comprised of interesting interviews giving insights into the world of travel. The film below was created for the evening and shown to great success.

My sincere thanks to Tom Ward at Sandstorm Films.

This award represents an acknowledgment of 25 years of guiding private safaris to so many of the world’s unique wildlife and cultural destinations.  Guiding family safaris is not always easy and may not be every guide’s cup of tea, but I have found it to be incredibly rewarding and am grateful for the opportunities this life has afforded me.  I am constantly encouraged that people’s preconceived idea that safaris only occur in Africa are being broken down.  Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and Micronesia all have unique natural wonders to be discovered.

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